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However, information on our clinics is already available.

The trainings are organised with the aim of achieving an improvement of the performances, on every level.
During the trainings, attention is paid to the basic skills. Proceeding from those basic skills, we work on a better style and a better insight in the jumpingcourse.
We also answer for the guidance of starting competition riders, to give them a good basic training from the beginning.
We train riders on several levels:

  • Regional, National and International jumping, Gouden Laars finalists
  • National, International equitation and finalists of interschool equitation

Author of the book: “Stijl – jumping rijden” or “Style-jumping riding”
Bart himself was in training with several top trainers.

  • Maximum 8 riders per week, to improve the quality of the training. The riders get 2 sessions a day. If there are problems, the riders are helped individually.
  • Riders with a beginners’ competition experience are also guided by Carolle Van-decasteele – Debandt (Trainer A)
  • The training starts at Monday morning between 9h30 and 10h00 and ends Friday evening around 16h00. There is the possibility to arrive Sunday evening around 18h30.


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